Margarida Carvalho

Margarida Carvalho, photo of self with a whiteboard in the background

I'm a mathematician working on mixed integer programming, algorithmic game theory and computational complexity.

I'm currently an associate professor at University of Montreal, in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, and I hold the FRQ–IVADO research chair in Data Science for Combinatorial Game Theory.

Research memberships: CIRRELT, CRM, CIREQ and Mila



IFT 6504 Mathematical Programming.

IFT 3151 Computer Science Internship.

IFT 1575 Operational Research Models.

IFT 1065 Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science.

Short Bio

I have a bachelor's and master's degree in mathematics. In 2016, I completed the PhD in computer science at the University of Porto (Portugal), for which I was awarded the 2018 EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award. In 2017, I came to Canada as an IVADO Postdoctoral Fellow at Polytechnique Montréal. One year after, I became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research at the University of Montreal. I am currently an Associate Professor and I hold an FRQ–IVADO Research Chair in Data Science for Combinatorial Game Theory. I am also an associate editor of INFORMS Journal on Computing, OR Spectrum and Dynamic Games and Applications.

My research lies at the intersection of integer programming and algorithmic game theory. I am working on extending integer programming and other optimization methodologies to compute equilibria in socio-economic games. In addition to methodological research, my work also focuses on applications in the fields of health, sustainable development and education, including kidney exchange programs, electric vehicle adoption and school choice.