FRQ–IVADO Research Chair Data Science for Combinatorial Game Theory

I currently hold a FRQ–IVADO Research Chair in Data Science for Combinatorial Game Theory (Chair-DSCG).

We focus in fundamental research in domains as the ones below and their application in health-care, economic managerial insights and criminology.

The Chair-DSCG is committed to promote equity, diversity and inclusion within the research team. Applications to be part of the team from women, visible minorities, Aboriginal people, people with any sexual orientation or gender identity, people with disabilities and people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are welcome.


Postdoctoral fellows

Alfredo Torrico (since September 2019)

Doctoral Students

Bui Quang Minh (since June 2019)

Federico Bobbio (since January 2019)

Masters Students

Flore Caye (since October 2019)

Moustafa Elarabi (since September 2019)

Adel Nabli (since May 2019); received a Scholarship of Excellence of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (Bourse d'excellence des ESP)

Raphaël-James Lebel (since May 2019)